Managed Secure ISP – SecureWAN


SecureWAN is Seccom Global’s managed, filtered internet and private Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity solution. SecureWAN differs from the products being offered by our competitors, with an additional layer of security to our solution. At Seccom Global, we don’t believe that an ISP should send you Viruses, Trojans and Spam, while billing you for the traffic or bandwidth they consume. With SecureWAN, your traffic is filtered for 100% of known viruses, Trojans and Malware, delivering you true clean bandwidth. Seccom Global’s SecureWAN uses specialised security devices, located within our POP’s, to eliminate the threat before it has access to your network. SecureWAN has been designed and built on Tier 1 reliability, without the acquisition costs usually associated with this level of quality.



More than half of the traffic generated on the internet is made up of bot traffic from such things as search engines (legitimate), scrapers, hacking tools, spammers and impersonation tools. The likelihood that your computer will be targeted by attackers or viruses scanning the network for available or susceptible computers becomes far greater when your computer is connected to the internet.

SecureWAN has been designed to assist in alleviating this issue. While most Internet Providers will give you unfiltered internet connectivity (often metered), we do the exact opposite – providing filtered, unmetered internet connectivity. If you want the next level of internet connectivity or are after a private Wide Area Network WAN, SecureWANis the ideal product.

SecureWAN is fast, reliable and secure, but it is also backed with strong SLA’s and uses redundant Tier 1 providers to deliver connectivity. We can deliver your service usingxDSL, Wireless, Ethernet, Fibre or a combination of these technologies. You get clean virus free connectivity, uncapped and supported by the Seccom SOC 24 x 7 ensuring if you ever require support, it is providedefficiently and effectively, in a timely manner.

If you are looking for a company with the expertise to implement, manage and support your edge network security and/or connectivity, talk to us. We have the solution and the purchase model that will suit your business.

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