Managed Offsite Data Recovery – SecureDR


SecureDR is a completely managed off site disaster recovery and data protection solution that offers 24×7 support and alerting, customer premise equipment options, In the cloud options, in depth reporting, SLA and real time backups. Databases and operating systems can be protected every 15 minutes throughout the day, minimising data loss to less than 15 minutes after a crash, corruption or failure.


When considering whether you need Seccom Globals SecureDR disaster recovery solution, the key question to ask is “can my business survive if I lost my critical data?” What is the maximum length of time between a disaster occurring and recovery time of key information that your business can afford to be out of operation?

SecureDR is our Seccom Global Disaster Recovery solution that offers real time backup and recovery. SecureDR is modular in design and features onsite and automated offsite disk and sector level backups providing complete protection over both physical and virtual environments.

With SecureDR you can choose the level of protection that your business needs.

SecureDR Light Protection

With this level of protection your data is backed up to a local SecureDR appliance as often as every 15 minutes. With SecureDR light you have the ability to;
– Effortlessly recover corrupted or lost files from as little as 15 minutes prior.
– Virtual boot a failed server on the local SecureDR appliance.
– Quickly and effortlessly restore (or migrate) a failed server to a new server from the backups on the SecureDR appliance.

SecureDR Intermediate Protection

With this level of protection you receive all the protections offered in SecureDR Light with the additional enhancement of your data being replicated every 15 minutes over a secure dedicated layer 2 link to one of our Data Centres. This gives you the ability to seamlessly restore data from the local appliance or, in case of a complete disaster,data can be recovered from the Data Centre. This covers the 3:2:1 theory of data protection – three copies of your data, kept in two locations with one location being offsite.

SecureDR Advanced Protection

With this level of protection you receive all the protections offered in the previous levels of SecureDR Light and Intermediate, with the additional feature of being able to seamlessly and quickly, virtually boot your failed server in the Data Centre. With this solution, some routing and network changes will be required to give you access to the servers running in the data centre, however this will give you the ability to continue to operate seamlessly in the case of a major disaster.

Note: Virtual Servers running on the SecureDR appliance or in a virtual instance in the Data Centre is a temporary recovery solution and should be migrated to a new server platform as soon as possible.

SecureDR has been designed to make file and server recovery easy. If losing critical data would cause major difficulties to your business, then consider SecureDR. You will be amazed at just how easy and affordable disaster recovery can be.

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