Managed Firewall – SecureLAN

Without an effective managed firewall service to safeguard your IT network and data, your organisation remains vulnerable to outside and inside attacks. The majority of cyber attacks can be prevented at the firewall level. However maintaining a firewall service takes time, effort and qualified network security personnel.

SecureLAN is a cost effective, Managed Firewall service that ensures your company’s data is kept secure. Our team of IT security experts offer 24-hour monitoring of your Firewalls and deliver the ability to centrally manage your corporate IT security. SecureLAN offers intrusion prevention, content filtering, Spam and virus email protection, Adware and Spyware protection, corporate gateway anti-virus and instant messaging control to protect your organisational data.

SecureLAN Managed Firewall

SecureLAN is Seccom Global’s Managed Firewall and Managed Switch solution that can be delivered as a cloud based virtual security solution, a hosted solution in our Data Centre or as a Customer Premises solution at your office.

With SecureLAN, firewall technologies are used to enforce policies regarding which services a user, internal or external, is allowed to access. Although this is effective way to prevent unauthorised access, this component alone may fail when it comes to checking potentially harmful content. The Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems and Antivirus solutions included in SecureLAN effectively manage these concerns.

Firewall as a Service

Along with expert level technical support, SecureLAN also gives you;Managed Firewall Service by Seccom - SecureLAN

  • All firmware, licensing and system updates
  • All break fix requirements including replacement
  • All policy level configuration
  • Enterprise level Routing standards (Static, RIP, OSPF and BGP)
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Virus/Malware Filtering, Web Filtering, IM Filtering and P2P Filtering
  • Remote access using either IPSec and/or SSL VPN connectivity
  • Full monitoring and reporting

Managed Firewall Service Benefits

We operate in an ecommerce-driven society with many hidden risks, so don’t just trust anyone with your edge network security! Often this is the single point of protection between your private trusted networks containing all your critical information and hackers wanting to steal or damage this information.

The advantages of utilising Secccom Global’s managed firewall service include:

  • Lower Costs – free up your capital to focus on other more services more aligned with your core business
  • Customisable Solutions – you’ll enjoy a managed firewall service which is designed specifically for your organisation’s unique situation and business requirements
  • 24×7 Monitoring – our team monitor your network around the clock, freeing up your team from having to take on this task
  • Proactive Firewall Management – problems can be detected and dealt with before they have a chance to negatively impact your IT environment

If you are looking for a company with the expertise to implement, manage and support your edge network security and/or connectivity, why not reach out to us for a chat? As one of the leading managed firewall providers in Australia, you’re in good hands with Seccom Global.

If you wish to speak with a member of our team for more information about our Managed Firewall solution, please call 1300 FIREWALL or fill in our contact form.