Seccom Global IP Managed Telephony Service


IP TelephonyIP Telephony can provide an organisation with many benefits that include reduced costs, better communication and increased productivity.  However, to get the full benefit from IP Telephony you’ll also need specialist support from people with IP skills and knowledge available 24×7.  IP telephony now often utilises the same data lines as your other IP based internet services, and in doing so requires many of the same principles employed to protect your Desktops, Servers, Switches and Routers etc.

Many providers that implement IP Telephony services have come from a traditional analogue telephone service background and may not have the IP security expertise of an organisation built from securing IP data services.  In the past, the IP network and the telephone services provided to a company where delivered on two distinct, separate networks.  Today however, more often than not with IP telephony these networks are one and the same, so you need to work with an organisation that understands how to secure the entire network.  You do not want to implement IP telephony, only to find that you now have compromised the rest of your network. Seccom Global can ensure you get the benefits of IP telephony and remain completely secure.

If you work with Seccom Global we can provide you both cost effective, enterprise class IP telephony services and a level of expertise in securing these services that has been gained from many years securing the internet and connectivity services of many of Australia’s leading organisations.


Why a Managed IP Telephony Service?

A managed IP telephony service means you no longer require the investment in people in house with the skills and management tools to help you get the most from your outlay. A Seccom Global managed IP telephony service provides a comprehensive solution including telephony design, build, transition and operation, with remote and onsite management on a 24 x 7 basis.  If your organisation requires expert advice and services to build a telephony solution, we can design and install a solution that caters for your current and future IP telephony needs across leading industry platforms.

An important part of any solution is that the solution remains current and up to date.  A Managed IP telephony service from Seccom Global offers pro-active administration of your devices to ensure up to date configurations and a secure, functional environment.

A partnership with Seccom Global will allow you to focus more closely on your core business and in turn enable you the time to be more responsive to your customer’s needs.

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