Consulting and Audits


Seccom Global’s consulting and auditing services provides the expertise and information needed to allow you to identify, monitor and control your security exposures.  Clients often require additional expertise in the design and configuration of their network, or troubleshooting issues in the network.  Security engineers can be provided on an hourly or daily rate that can be negotiated for longer term contracts.

We also offer auditing and policy development services related to a range of governance and security standards.  Our security consultants and auditors hold the highest levels of certifications and clearances including CISSP and I-RAP.

We have invested significantly in technologies that allow us to thoroughly conduct both vulnerability assessments and penetration tests against your network infrastructures.  A Combination of these investments and the expertise established over many years managing dissimilar security systems has placed us in an ideal situation to provide you exceptional results.

If you need assistance with projects relating to migration services, disaster recovery, network design and auditing, compliance or policy development, we have the expertise to help.

If you wish to speak with a member of our team for more information, please call 1300 FIREWALL or fill in our contact form.