Cloud Based Solutions – SecureSTREAM


SecureSTREAM is Seccom Global’s cloud based solution, designed to assist our customers protect their websites from internet based threats. A cost effective solution that offers enterprise level protection and reporting, SecureSTREAM can be set up quickly, requiring a simple DNS change.



Although defacing websites will always remain popular among a certain set of hackers, these are generally not the attacks we should be most concerned with.  Organisations targeting web sites for profit, generally wish their attacks to go undiscovered.

Seccom Global’s SecureSTREAM is a cloud based website security solution that utilises a multilayered approach to protect your company’s websites.  SecureSTREAM has been designed to protect your website against attacks that include SYN Floods, DDOS, SQL Injections, Cross Site Scripting as well as many other well-known attacks.

With SecureSTREAM, your company’s webserver is virtually invisible to internet as it sits behind Seccom’s cloud infrastructure. This means hackers do not know the true IP address of your webserver.

SecureSTREAM is a cost effective solution that works.  If you aim to protect your website effectively, SecureSTREAM provides comprehensive risk management.  This is a viable solution for any size business.

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