Our Cyber Security Solutions

  • SecureINSIDER

    While organisations spend tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars on security hardware and software, this investment fails to address the #1 at-risk component – the people. SecureInsider is our solution to this problem, providing your organisation with education, alerting, reporting, audit logs, centralised control and restriction of access via encryption.

  • SecureMAIL

    is our cloud-based email security service. Research indicates that 91% of all hacking attempts begin with a targeted email attack through phishing, whaling or targeted zero-hour attacks. Our secure email service consists of multiple layers of security for both inbound and outbound mail to protect your organisation.

  • SecureINTEL

    is a powerful, cost effective and seamless way to implement and take advantage of the many benefits to be found with a Security Information Event Management (SIEM) solution monitoring your network.

  • SecureLAN

    is a cost effective, managed firewall service that ensures your company’s data is kept secure. Our team of industry experts offer 24 hour monitoring of your Firewalls and deliver the ability to centrally manage your corporate IT security. SecureLAN offers intrusion prevention, content filtering, Spam and virus email protection, Adware and Spyware protection, corporate gateway anti-virus and instant messaging control to protect your organisational data.

  • SecureWAN

    is Seccom Global’s managed, filtered internet and private Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity solution. SecureWAN differs from the products being offered by our competitors, with an additional layer of security to our solution. At Seccom Global, we don’t believe that an ISP should send you Viruses, Trojans and Spam, while billing you for the traffic or bandwidth they consume. With SecureWAN, your traffic is filtered for 100% of known viruses, Trojans and Malware, delivering you true clean bandwidth. Seccom Global’s SecureWAN uses specialised security devices, located within our POP’s, to eliminate the threat before it has access to your network. SecureWAN has been designed and built on Tier 1 reliability, without the acquisition costs usually associated with this level of quality.

  • SecureDR

    is a completely managed off site disaster recovery and data protection solution that offers 24×7 support and alerting, customer premise equipment options, In the cloud options, in depth reporting, SLA and real time backups. Databases and operating systems can be protected every 15 minutes throughout the day, minimising data loss to less than 15 minutes after a crash, corruption or failure.

  • SecureHOST

    provides Virtual Private Servers and hosted services on demand in a secure and stable environment. All hosted services are detained by firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems with all traffic filtered for viruses, Trojans and Malware. SecureHOST allows you to migrate to a virtual server or services environment, reducing your capital expenditure, staffing costs and security risk.

  • SecureSTREAM

    is Seccom Global’s cloud based solution, designed to assist our customers protect their websites from internet based threats. A cost effective solution that offers enterprise level protection and reporting, SecureSTREAM can be set up quickly, requiring a simple DNS change.

  • IP Managed Telephony Service

    A Seccom Global managed IP telephony service provides a comprehensive solution including telephony design, build, transition and operation, with remote and onsite management on a 24 x 7 basis.  We can design and install a solution that caters for your current and future IP telephony needs across leading industry platforms as well as offer pro-active administration of your devices to ensure up to date configurations and a secure, functional environment.

  • Consulting & Audits

    Seccom Global’s consulting and auditing services provides the expertise and information needed to allow you to identify, monitor and control your security exposures.  Clients often require additional expertise in the design and configuration of their network, or troubleshooting issues in the network.  Security engineers can be provided on an hourly or daily rate that can be negotiated for longer term contracts.

If you wish to speak with a member of our team for more information, please call 1300 FIREWALL or fill in our contact form.