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    Now more than ever, with the global pandemic inexplicably changing the way we live and work, we need to take stock and re-evaluate how we conduct business.

    Just as many legitimate businesses have taken advantage of the current climate to create opportunities that benefit others, cybercriminals have also jumped on board, using these conditions for nefarious purposes.

    Join host, and long-time ICT journalist Jennifer O’Brien, as she interviews key industry leaders from Seccom Global and Juniper Networks in the Security Sessions podcast. Covering a wide range of business and technical topics, our experts will shed light on how you can use emerging technologies to streamline your business while providing defence against cybercriminal activity.

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    PODCAST #1-3

    Survival tips to outsmart ever-evolving cybercriminals

    In part one of this three-part series, Seccom Global Managing Director (MD) and Founder Michael Demery talks with host Jenifer O’Brien about the major security risks to businesses, including trends, and advancements, and why security decisions must align with your organisational vision.

    In part two of our survival tips series, Seccom Global MD Michael Demery discusses where businesses should be concentrating their cybersecurity efforts to ensure they don’t become the next data malware and ransomware victim.

    In the final part of our survival tips series, Seccom Global MD Michael Demery is joined by Darrin Iatrou, Juniper Networks Director of AUNZ, where they explore how businesses must adapt to the new ‘normal’ and how that impacts their security spend in the next 12 – 18 months.

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    PODCAST #4

    Security made simple: How to demystify cybersecurity

    Trevor Ings, Technical Manager of Seccom Global, sits down with host Jennifer O’Brien to discuss the recent trends in cybersecurity, the main pain points for businesses, and how you can simplify security without compromise.

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    PODCAST #5

    All ‘eyes’ on the network: How to get greater visibility and trim the fat

    Without knowing what’s happening on the network, CISOs can’t protect it. Seccom Global Technical Manager Trevor Ings explores how greater visibility can reduce costs and create efficiencies in cybersecurity.

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    PODCAST #6

    SD-WAN to the rescue: Why digitalisation requires modern network solution

    In this edition, Trevor Ings, Seccom Global’s Technical Manager, is joined by Leigh Gardiner, Senior Consulting Engineer at Juniper Networks to deep-dive into one of the fastest-growing tech sectors; SD-WAN. They discuss how it delivers tangible benefits including cost savings, improved performance, and increased network visibility for businesses.

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    PODCAST #7

    How to protect the fort with a connected security strategy

    Moving away from isolated solutions is critical in these changing times. Nikhil Thakru, Seccom Global’s Security Architect discusses the importance of bringing together disparate security systems, creating an organic moving solution that’s connected, visible, and simple.

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    PODCAST #8

    Where the magic happens: When network security automation meets orchestration

    There are countless reasons why IT leaders need to make their networks more automated. In this episode, Nikhil Thakru, Security Architect at Seccom Global, and Steve Cooper, Senior Security Engineer at Juniper Networks discuss why and how automation is critical to success and growth.

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    PODCAST #9

    Better, faster, smarter Wi-Fi with the power of AI

    Join Nikhil Thakru, Security Architect, at Seccom Global and Steve Cooper, Senior Security Engineer at Juniper Networks as they uncover how AI is changing the face of Wi-Fi, and why IT leaders need to understand the security risks and mitigation strategies to take advantage of AI-driven improvements.

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    PODCAST #10

    Power of partnership: How to foster strong vendor relations minus the mess

    In the final episode of Security Sessions, Michael Demery, MD of Seccom Global, and Maryanne Demery, General Manager of Seccom Global, discuss how mutually beneficial partnerships create a powerful and often unbreakable ecosystem where everyone provides their expertise to complement their partners, that benefits the customer in the long run.