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Understanding AI and Cybersecurity: Our Free Whitepaper

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been thrown around as a buzzword in recent years, but what does it actually mean? Understanding the history of AI helps us to understand how it is now being implemented to advance our technology offerings.

AI aims to simulate the functionality of the human brain. And while a true comparative simulation may not be possible, our current AI technology can duplicate some of the basic functionalities of the brain, which benefit our cybersecurity practices.

In this whitepaper, we explore how AI came to be, and how it’s being used in the cyber security landscape — with a particular focus on how it benefits your wireless and cloud networks. It unpacks:

  • • The history of AI
  • • How the technology has evolved over the past 50+ years
  • • How AI works
  • • How AI in wifi and cloud networks counters key issues
  • • How the Juniper AI platform functions
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