“SOFRACO has partnered with Seccom Global for the past decade and I am extremely happy with the services and support that Seccom Global has been able to deliver to SOFRACO during this time.  I would recommend Seccom to any company looking for a managed service provider.”– Rod Paterson, Director, Sofraco Engineering



  1. SOFRACO required a network that was able to meet the business requirements of a fast growth organization.
  2. The network needed to address the challenges associated to a mobile workforce.
  3. Security for the network was imperative as SOFRACO often deals with confidential information.
  4. The solution implemented needed to be supported 24 x 7 and be extremely reliable.
  5. We needed a business partner that we felt we could work closely with.
  6. We needed to modernise SOFRACO telephony system to meet the changing business requirements.


The solution put forward by Seccom met all the challenges that we put forward at a fraction of what it would have cost us to deliver this solution internally.


“I have no hesitation recommending Seccom Global to anyone looking for a managed information security provider. I am particularly impressed by their level of expertise, and the quality of their service and support. Seccom personnel are very easy to deal with, extremely professional and always approachable.”