What you can get MSSPs like Seccom to do is provide knowledge and capabilities which are not readily available to help “fill the gap” in an organisations information security strategy. – Matt McDonnell, IT Security Manager-Australian Red Cross



  1. Needed to achieve PCI compliance
  2. Wanted to improve IT security architecture
  3. Needed documented evidence to support IT requests

Seccom Solution: SecureLAN


  • Implemented a network audit against PCI compliance
  • Red Cross utalise Seccom Global’s services for training and support
  • Provided a level of expertise unattainable in-house
  • 24X7 monitoring and support
  • Provided an independently verified and prioritised set of action items that Red Cross could take to the executive group in order to support projects to improve security architecture.


“Seccom brings current security expertise to assist with projects or issues. Because of this they can assist IT departments in delivering business benefits sooner, as their breadth of experience means that don’t have to always work from first principles. This means short project time frames and consequently more projects can be undertaken for the business, benefiting the organisation. Because the Seccom security team deals with threats on a practical level through their security operations centre on a daily basis, and have routine contact with the security product vendors, in my experience, you are getting very current and accurate information relating to security threats and appropriate controls for those threats.”