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Ambiguity surrounding cloud computing can make securing the enterprise seem daunting. This can lead to companies holding back on cloud initiatives due to security concerns, which in turn can lead to missed opportunities and needless spending.

“By 2025, 99% of cloud security failures will be the customers’ fault!” (Gartner, Is the Cloud Secure? – Oct 2019)

Seccom Global’s Cloud Security (CS) Posture Check – powered by Dome9 – provides a snap-shot assessment of your Cloud IaaS environment across AWS, Azure or GCP. It then compares it to ratified “Best Practice”, and has the added benefit of conducting the assessment remotely, with no impact on your cloud environment.

How will this benefit your organisation?

Seccom Global’s CS Posture Check is what your business needs in order to take advantage of cloud initiatives and opportunities, rather than missing them.

This deep-dive into your cloud security and compliance posture, will identify a wide variety of common vulnerabilities and areas of exposure. These are typically caused by initial misconfiguration or configuration drift over time, and are the root-cause for the majority of cloud security failures and data breaches.

With the results you will have the knowledge, and strategic roadmap, to fill the gaps in your security to better protect your business and data.

Your Health Check Includes:

Comprehensive and actionable list of cloud configuration and architectural issues
Potential vulnerabilities and exposures
Technical debrief

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