Keeping up with the latest cyber security challenges can often feel impossible and overwhelming. But with the rise of remote workforces and new attack methods emerging in mobile, voice command, and cloud infrastructure, knowing what challenges are most relevant to your business has never been more important.

That’s why, in partnership with Check Point, we’re bringing you a 4-part webinar series that shares the latest cyber security trends, challenges assumptions and provides the advice you need to protect your business from unwanted exposure.

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29 October – Threat Research
5 November – Zero Trust
12 November – Endpoint Security
19 November – Mobile Security

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Threat Research

Check Point’s Ashwin Ram will share some of the latest cyber threat research and recent threat trends. In this session, he will cover a trend dubbed by Check Point as Double Extortion. Threat actors are always looking for new tactics and techniques, Ashwin will cover newly discovered mobile attack vectors currently being used in the wild.

In addition, he will discuss research where Check Point sets out to disprove the assumption that cloud infrastructures are secure. The final topic of the day will focus on the security of Amazon’s Alexa and how your personal data can be exposed to threat actors with just a single click!

Zero Trust

Across the industry, security professionals are rebuilding their strategies around a Zero Trust Security approach to protect their valuable data while it constantly moves between cloud, mobile, endpoint devices, and a diverse workforce of employees and third parties.

In this session, Check Point’s Ashwin Ram will cover a practical holistic approach to Zero Trust Secu​rity. Ashwin will discuss how Check Point can help businesses implement all of the Zero Trust principles, and be efficiently managed using centralized management and Unified Policy. Ashwin will share Check Point’s enhanced version of Zero Trust known as Absolute Zero Trust with globally shared threat intelligence, zero day protecting and over 60 security engines.

Endpoint Security

You’ve read a hundred articles on the challenges of maintaining security in the post-Covid workspace and the increasing importance of strong endpoint security solutions – but what’s the risk and what kinds of changes should be made now that many or most employees are working remotely? What are the most relevant threats to endpoints, and how can they be stopped when endpoints are out in the wild and fending for themselves? Kendal Cole, Check Point’s Threat Prevention Manager for Australia and New Zealand will discuss the key threats and challenges associated with employees and endpoints working outside of the protections usually afforded by the network. Focusing on the most prevalent and impactful threats, Kendal will cover key strategies and simple solutions to prevent them.

Mobile Security

Threat actors have quickly adapted their methods to breach security, disrupt business and compromise the privacy of Employees and Customers alike – all via mobile. For some time, organisations have deployed management solutions for their mobile fleets, be they corporate owned or BYOD. What may organisations are becoming aware of is the importance of threat prevention for mobiles, and how this either capability isn’t featured in their mobile management platform, or that the native controls are more around acceptable use policy, app control and containerisation of work apps and data. Check Point’s Kendal Cole will shed light on the present state of play in the mobile space, including attacker tactics, common threats and how organisations are dealing with adding security to their mobile management.

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