Banish the Risk of Disaster-related Data Loss with Seccom Global’s SecureDR

disaster recovery

Businesses can now protect themselves from disaster-related data loss with the SecureDR solution from Seccom Global. SecureDR works by backing up local servers, and then duplicating the data at an off-site location to shield companies from massive loss of information.

The Business Case for Data Recovery

Wind storms. Floods. In a changing climate, these events can become quite severe, causing catastrophic damage to properties, livelihood, and even your business. Floods can easily damage physical documents, as well as computer systems and servers where precious data is located, presenting a costly loss of assets to the company.

About 30% of small businesses encounter natural disasters, and lose important data in the process, according to the National Federation of Independent Business. Moreover, about 60% of these enterprises close within six months after data loss, the Washington-based National Archives and Records Administration reported. An unexpected power outage at a data center costs $7,900 per minute, according to a 2013 study of the Ponemon Institute and Emerson Network.

With these statistics in mind, it is encouraged that companies take the necessary steps to protect their data from the impacts of disasters, in order to maintain a smooth running business. Today, various options exist for companies to protect their data and it may tantamount to an oversight if firms fail to implement backup disaster recovery (BDR) systems for their business.

What makes a reliable backup disaster recovery system?

A backup disaster recovery system entails mechanisms for backing up and storing data to prevent their loss during disasters like storms, earthquakes or floods. The Data Center Knowledge states that effective BDR does not only involve technologies to store and preserve data, but alsorequires the people in an organization to be effective.  For a reliable BDR system, companies need to have a plan that would manage their manpower and their resources at hand.  This includes training people, such as in-house IT personnel, to work with third-party vendors that specialize in BDR. It also includes communicating the importance of BDR to employees to gain their cooperation.

Aside from that, companies also need to have management systems in place that would ensure data storage in times of disasters. This may entail having a centralized storage system that employees could access. This type of system may be beneficial for small businesses that would not need to have a large-scale BDR system in place. However, these management systems need to be fully controlled by the company to maintain security and to ensure confidential or important data is not compromised.

Through our SecureDR solution, we provide customers with reliable systems for storing and protecting their data against the perils of disasters.This BDR system renews the protection for corporate data every 15 minutes each day, to minimize the loss should unexpected outages occur. Moreover, it backs up the data in local servers in real time, or through the cloud, in-depth reporting and other options. SecureDR also duplicates the data to an off-site location, to ensure maximum protection against loss.

SecureDRcould ensure reliable protection against data loss for businesses with its layer of backup storage and recovery mechanisms, and enable companies to spring back to business with ease after a disaster, and get ahead of the competition.

Bright skies ahead: What lies in store for businesses with BDR

In an increasingly connected world, customers expect businesses to provide consistent services. According to a CIO interview with Don Williams, VP Asia Pacific & Japan at Veeam, this can only be done if companies establish continuityby having a BDR system in place to ensure their operations willnot suffer the impact of natural disasters. Aside from business continuity, a BDR system will alsohelp companies maintain strong client relations.

Therefore, a BDR system is a win-win solution for businesses that seek to remain strong in a competitive market.

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