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Understanding Botnets

Arguably, the popularity of Botnets over IRC (Internet Relay Chat – IRC, is a form of real-time messaging or synchronous conferencing over the Internet) stemmed over a decade ago with the EggDrop bot. The ‘EggDrop’ bot (circa 1994) was a non-malicious automated program that could enter an IRC channel and offer various automation and information […]

The Attacker Within

As enterprise defenses evolve, so too do the attack vectors leveraged by those seeking to bypass such controls. We are entering an era where attackers are no longer working to punch a hole in the fortress surrounding enterprise IT assets from the outside – they don’t need to – they’re already inside. Thanks to the […]

Advanced Security

Leveraging a purpose built architecture capable of high-speed content inspection, the Seccom solution inspects all web traffic in real-time. Content inspection covers not just the URL but also all headers and the full body of all requests and responses. Inspection at this level is vital to ensure security on the web today, which is dominated […]

Your browser wears no clothes

Attackers once viewed browsers as targets for attack. Now, browsers are becoming facilitators of attacks. Browsers are simply a door, which permits access to the data that the attacker is after. The difference here is that a vulnerability does not have to be identified and exploited on the browser itself. Download Whitepaper

Is your data safe from disaster?

Michael Shine, director of Seccom Global, a managed security services provider based in Sydney, Australia, knows firsthand the importance of an effective disaster recovery plan. In October 2013, flooding and a roof collapse left his offices unusable for an entire month. Given his industry, the repercussions could have been severe. “It would have [affected] our customers and […]

Secure Virtualised Desktop Deployment

For many years providing applications to users has proven to be more challenging than initially perceived. After all, it is providing these applications as business enablers making business function regardless of whether that application be email, web, word processing, spreadsheets or some other legacy application. Download Whitepaper

20 Ways to reduce IT Costs

Regardless of whether you believe we are in an economic downturn, recovering from one or you feel there was never one to begin with, CIOs, CFOs and CEOs across the world will continue to emphasise that business productivity must be increased and costs must be decreased. IT security is such a critical element of the […]

How to choose the right Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

Business today is often faced with the growing complexity of networks and threats that are becoming increasingly real, a growing number of businesses and organisations are opting for a different approach to securing their networks through outsourcing all or some of these security functions. MSSPs offer companies and organisations access to resources that they often […]