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Cyber security is a threat to every business, no matter the size. As Australia’s Leading Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) Seccom Global brings highly customised, cost-effective IT security solutions to protect your organisation. Our personalised approach ensures that you receive the best security expertise, catering to the specific needs of your company.

Our range of cyber security products and services can help you negotiate the risks of operating a business in a world dominated by the Internet. As trade and commerce increasingly rely on smooth and safe online interaction, Seccom Global stands at the absolute forefront of internet security.

With our broad spectrum of cyber security services, we’re well positioned to help you with the specific security requirements of your business. Our solutions can be provided as either fully managed (opex) solutions, customer owned (capex) solutions, or a combination of the two. Our Security Operations Centre monitors and manages the cyber security solutions we provide 24 x 7, for your peace of mind.


  • SecureINSIDER

    Protect your organisation from the leading cause of cyber security breaches – Insider Threat.

  • SecureWAN

    is our Managed Secure ISP which delivers supreme internet access and In the Cloud solutions, allowing you to save money, increase your network bandwidth and deliver flexible business strategies.

  • SecureHOST

    provides Virtual Private Servers and hosted services on demand in a secure and stable environment, reducing your capital expenditure, staffing costs and security risk.

  • SecureINTEL

    is a powerful, cost-effective and seamless way to implement and take advantage of the many benefits to be found with our SIEM security solutions monitoring your network.


Seccom Global ISO 9001 certified
Seccom Global ISO 27001 certified
Seccom Global is a TIO member


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“I encourage Seccom to maintain their strong ethos when it comes to customer service, partner selection and business process. Seccom Support’s approach to amendments and clarifications is excellent. We were so impressed by the service that we have employed the same helpdesk software to service our own help desk”

Stephen WesterwellerNational Business and IT Manager, Toyota

“Seccom’s service is second to none. I would absolutely recommend their products and services to any company in need of a managed information security solution.”

Peter WilliamsonIT Infrastructure Manager, Breville

“I have no hesitation recommending Seccom Global to anyone looking for a managed information security provider. I am particularly impressed by their level of expertise, and the quality of their service and support. Seccom personnel are very easy to deal with, extremely professional and always approachable.”

Rod PatersonDirector, Sofraco Engineering

Seccom security team deals with threats on a practical level and have routine contact with security product vendors. In my experience you are getting very current and accurate information in relation to security threats and appropriate controls for these threats.”

Matt McDonnellIT Security Manager, Australian Red Cross

“I have no hesitation in recommending Seccom to anyone in the market for a managed information security service. I inherently sell Seccom to people I talk to because I am so impressed with their level of service and support. In this industry, you find that some companies are very clinical and although Seccom take their business seriously, they are approachable and maintain an excellent rapport”

Christopher SmithNetwork Administrator, L.J. Hooker


LJ Hooker
Sydney Opera House
Australian Turf Club
Australian Red Cross

Wanna.Cry. Why Was This Cyber Attack So Damaging?


Around 15 April, 2017 a group known as the Shadow Brokers released a trove of exploits that were allegedly stolen from the US NSA FuzzBunch toolkit. One of these exploits, codenamed EternalBlue, takes advantage of a vulnerability in Microsoft’s Server Message Block (SMB) protocol. EternalBlue provides local privilege escalation via remote code-execution, thereby allowing malware or an attacker to gain control of unpatched systems without user interaction. This vulnerability was patched by Microsoft on March 14, 2017.

On 12 May, 2017 computers around the world began to be infected by the WannaCrypt ransomware. It has been reported that up to 70,000 systems within Britain’s NHS were subsequently infected. The initial infection is thought to have been via a spear phishing attack and reporting suggests that the attack has not been political in nature. WannaCry began rapidly spreading by automatically infecting network-connected PCs using worm-like behaviour.

If you are uncertain that you are suitably prepared for a threat such as WannaCrypt, call Seccom Global on +61 2 9688 6933.

Find out more in our latest whitepaper.

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